As a busy father of three girls, I have found it nearly impossible to find those slivers of time so crucial to reflection and keeping myself focused.

At first I tried to be productive and focused after I had put my daughters to bed.  There were some days where this would work, and others where it was impossible. Most often, I would just start relaxing when one of them had a bad dream or couldn’t sleep.  It was a constant struggle and really frustrated me.

Finally, I began waking up before dawn, when the sky was still inky black and the house was cool and silent.  I found a magical time, one where I was free to think deeply, unencumbered by the busy-ness of the world.  I was up by 4 AM.

This website is dedicated to everyone who finds the time for inner reflection, for serious goal setting, and for focused productivity.  Welcome to UpBy4AM- and thank you for allowing me to share this magical time with you.